Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Learn More About Schizophrenia Symptoms

People has different personalities one to the other. Each person has personality since their in the childhood. The past time will give you big influence in you later personality. Some researcher or psychologist say that it is not easy to know about human personality but we can make a decision that what their personality is the result of their environment including their childhood. Parents will really influence children’s personality. When children always get bad treatment when they are child, we can know that they will have mental disorder. You must know what is Schizophrenia? It is mental disorder that makes people have hallucination, delusions, and wrong way of thinking and speech. You can know some schizophrenia symptoms but before we know about it is good for us to know the reasons of schizophrenia. There are so many things that can make people get their schizophrenia. First it is because of genetic. There is something wrong in their genetic and it is usually comes from their parents. This error genetics will make them is disorder. They often have bipolar disorder too.

Second, it can be cause of environment. Environment takes the other role in shaping people in schizophrenia symptoms. The environment where children live will really effect of their personality. They learn what they see and tech from the environment. Third is substance abuse. Children who get abuse in their childhood will grow become pessimistic children. Some children will have disorder because they feel hard traumatic. The last cause is because there is something wrong when the mother care you. It can because of mal nutrition, stress, infection or others.

So, from the reasons we now will see what schizophrenia symptoms. Some people with schizophrenia will often have hallucination and delusion. They usually will live alone and they keep live in their world without caring of the real life. They usually will have disorganized speech. They will not able to speech in good way because they have wrong though too or error way of thinking. Next is they will have disorganized behavior. It is the effect of disorder of thinking so they will have wrong way to act too. It can be shown when they wear their dress. The other symptoms are negative symptoms such as anger, and they will have lack of motivation. It is difficult for them to socialize too with other people. It is reasonable because people will reject their way of thinking. Some of people will just considers them as crazy people. These symptoms can be happened fro long time. It is hard to heal it but people who have schizophrenia symptoms can go to some psychologist to help them back to their normal life. We cannot hope for the big result. Some psychologist need to analyze their reason before they can judge and they find the solutions for them.